Common Ailments Service

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This is an NHS Wales pharmacy service for adults and children living in Wales. The scheme provides advice and treatment for a range of common ailments without having to make a GP appointment.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now able to conduct CAS consultations over the phone to support you whilst you are practising social distancing from home.

How does it work?

If you are affected by one of the common ailments covered by the scheme, you can ask one of our pharmacists for advice. The pharmacist may ask if you wish to register for the service. Registering means the pharmacist may supply you with the medicine you need free of charge.

Your consultation will always be with a qualified pharmacist, and would normally take place in our consultation area, during COVID -19 this will take place over the phone.

If the pharmacist agrees that you require a medicine or product to treat your symptoms, it will be ready for you to pick up at the pharmacy free of charge. If you do not wish to register with the service, the pharmacist will provide you with advice but will not be able to supply any free medicines.

Who can access the Common Ailments Service?

If you are currently living in Wales and registered to a Welsh GP, then you are eligible to access the Common Ailments Service.

You will still need to go to your GP if:

  • Your pharmacist suggests that you should, or
  • You need a medicine that you can only get on prescription from your GP.

What conditions are covered?

Pharmacists can offer advice and/or treatment for the following 24 common conditions. These are:

*There are no evidence based NHS treatments available for these conditions. Instead, one of our pharmacists will provide advice on self care and the ongoing management of your symptoms.

If your pharmacist feels that it is better for you to see your GP or another healthcare professional then they may tell you to make an appointment.

What about conditions not included e.g. cough, cold, rash?

If you are suffering with any other condition, not included in the CAS formulary then you will not be able to access the Common Ailments Service. If a pharmacist believes you need to be seen by the GP, they will refer you appropriately.

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