Do You Work Within The Care Sector?

If you work within the care sector then MediPack can offer many benefits to both the residents and the staff at care homes. MediPack makes it safer for your team to administer medicines to service users reducing the risks associated with this level of care.

Each pouch is released from the box in the order they have to be taken and is clearly marked with the date, time of dose, and patient and medication details.

We provide free MAR charts with all MediPacks and can tailor these charts so that they meet your needs and requirements.

We also provide you with access to a dedicated 24hr on-call pharmacist to deal with any concerns or questions relating to a service user’s medicines.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Free MAR charts provided with all medication.
  • Dosing times clearly labelled with visibility over what medication has been taken.
  • No confusion over when or what medication needs to be taken.
  • No transcribing for unqualified staff.
  • Removes the potential of missing doses or double doses.
  • Reduction in paperwork, resulting in increased efficiencies of office staff.
  • Care staff have more time to spend with the customer.

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