Have you heard about Medipack, our FREE personalised medicine pouch service?

Have you heard about Medipack, our FREE personalised medicine pouch service?

Our customers love MediPack because it stores all your daily medicines in easy-to-open pouches. Every pouch is marked with the date and time of your dose so it’s easy to remember whether you’ve taken them or not. The contents of each pouch is clearly labelled so are always aware of what you are taking. Each pouch is released from the box in the order they have to be taken and is clearly marked with the date, time of dose, and patient and medication details.

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The pouches have been tried and tested in care homes across South Wales and we have received lots of positive feedback from staff and residents alike. MediPack reduces many of the risks involved with care staff administering medication, making this a safer alternative to traditional forms of medication. We also provide free MAR charts with all MediPacks and can tailor these charts so that they meet your personal needs and requirements.

MediPack is great for people who have to take a lot of medication because we do the hard part for you! All your pills are sorted in our pharmacy and then sent out in your pouches. Opting to take your medication this way allows you to have greater freedom and independence without worrying about missing your dose. If you’re going out for the day, you can simply tear off the pouches you need and take them with you.

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For more information about this service, please read on. You can sign up online, it’s quick and easy and shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to fill in your details. Once you’re signed up we’ll get to work behind the scenes and you should receive your medication in MediPack pouches the following month. If you have any questions, please get in touch.