Meet Our Robots

We love robots. That’s why we’ve got two of them! Maybo and Maybie are our robot dispensers and they do all the hard work preparing your medicines when you bring a prescription to us. That means our pharmacists have more time to spend helping you.

So How Do Maybo & Maybie Work?

  1. Well, when you bring a prescription to any of our pharmacies our teams there are able to scan a special 2D code on the form.
  2. This sends all the information on the prescription to our dispensing team in Blackwood when then give it to Maybo and Maybie so they can get your medicines.
  3. These are then checked by our Accredited Checking Technicians, packed and delivered back to the pharmacy where the pharmacists do one final check to make sure they are correct.
  4. Your medicines are then ready for you to pick up or we can deliver them straight to your home free of charge.